Tongue & Groove Profile – it is one of the variants of Molded board.

on the front side there is no any striped recess, boards are more thicker and wider. Gathered board reminds wall, built of timber.

bohl imitacion


Material: Siberian larch.
Width: 135 мм.
Thickness: 20 мм.
Length: 2000 – 6000 мм.


Quality / Retail Price
EXTRA: 22 eur/m2 without VAT;
A: 18,32 eur/m2 without VAT;
B:   17,55 eur/m2 without VAT;
C: 16,80 eur/m2 without VAT.


Siberian larch is an ideal material for flooring, doors and windows, as it is not deformed, not covered with cracks over time and it is very durable. Particular note must be excellent appearance and natural beauty of materials from Siberian larch. The beautiful grain pattern, nice and comfortable wood color respectable successfully used in the manufacture of sculptures, high quality furniture and will be aesthetically pleasing to you.


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