Our proposed profile floor board made of the Siberian larch. Along one edge is the edge and on the opposite side is groove. It allows to lay the flooring tightly and repeatedly tsiklevat the surface without loss of quality.

floor board

Material: Siberian larch.
Width: 85, 110, 135 мм.
Thickness: 27 мм.
Length: 2000 – 4000 мм.


Quality / Retail Price
EXTRA: 27,97 eur/m2 without VAT;
A: 23,87 eur/m2 without VAT;
B:   22,95 eur/m2 without VAT;
С: 18,72 eur/m2 without VAT.


Floorboards from Siberian larch is highly durable, not deform over time, do not crack and do not require the use of chemicals for processing, so the material is very ecological. Almost always, the floor in rooms with high humidity (bath, sauna, outdoor terrace, outdoor decking) is made of Siberian larch.

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