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Welcome to our site! We are glad to help you in choosing building material from the best! We will be happy if you leave comments and suggestions, share personal experiences on any topic of this site.

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The platform around the swimming pool from the Siberian larch timber

Siberian Larch – an incredibly strong material and its hardness is second only to the oak. On a scale of Brunel oak is – 110 units, Siberian larch is – 109 units. But the indisputable advantage of Siberian larch is its resinous and the highest resistance to humidity. Oak humidity is absolutely stable. Therefore, the use of timber of the …

Build a house, a family home, one of the most cherished dreams of any person.

Personal house is the most important thing that people can build for them self. That’s why, we carefully select materials for its construction. And if you’re looking for something special, reliable and environmentally friendly – a real timber of Siberian larch is exactly what you need! Aesthetically attractive appearance, durability, water resistance and a healthy effect on the human body …

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Berth near the water. Sea pier.

Do you want to build beautiful and reliable Berth near the water? Sea pier, which is not threatened by a hostile marine environment: salt, wind, sun, alternating tides / low tide. Use Siberian larch timber. Time has proved that more reliable material does not exist!

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Larch grows in many parts of the continent

Larch grows in many parts of the continent (Ukraine, Karelia, the European part of Russia), but the properties described above has only timber Siberian larch. For a more precise study of the area of ​​origin lumber from Siberian larch, there is a special assessment.We would like to note that with exactly the same name, “Larch” properties of wood depends precisely …