Build a house, a family home, one of the most cherished dreams of any person.

If you want to learn how to build houses – just build a house. Do not ask anyone about anything - just build a house

Christopher Walken

Personal house is the most important thing that people can build for them self. That’s why, we carefully select materials for its construction. And if you’re looking for something special, reliable and environmentally friendly – a real timber of Siberian larch is exactly what you need! Aesthetically attractive appearance, durability, water resistance and a healthy effect on the human body you purchase for long years! Significantly extends the life and maintain aesthetic appearance surface of the material regular care by the owner. Now on the market there is a great variety of special funds for the care of woodwork. Many of them are suitable for the care of lumber from Siberian larch. The great variety of solutions for biotic protection, a lot of surface treatments, paints, stains, antiseptics. Contact our consultants and we recommend you protection for  your individual product. For an extra cost our employees cover the product by chosen protection material for you.

Build a house, a family home, one of the most cherished dreams of any person. The house must be spacious and comfortable, beautiful and eco-friendly. In dreams we see ourselves in the walls or on the lawn of our home, surrounded by children and grandchildren. We assume that the house will pass on from generation to generation, from father to son … Exactly these materials: reliable and durable, for house building for a long time, we offer to you on this site. Trust your health the power of nature. Live in the beauty and harmony for many happy years!

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