Siberian larch is highly resinous, so it does not pass into the water and almost does not rot.

Siberian larch is highly resinous, so it does not pass into the water and almost does not rot. Another advantage of the timber made of Siberian larch is that in contrast to the pine or spruce, it does not afraid of insects. This is due to the special composition of bactericidal resin. Mansi, Evenki, Khanty and other peoples of Siberia, use Siberian larch resin for the treatment of many diseases. And that means using in the decoration of his house lumber from Siberian larch you get a natural health and healing properties of the Siberian larch. Peoples Muncie describes Siberian larch as the oldest and eternally young, long living organism. The mighty and beautiful, being in a cyclic process of eternal renewal. It was believed that being in close contact with the magic tree, man also takes over from it calm, strength, wisdom and longevity. And resorted to it during bouts of depression and melancholy. Indeed, research shows that biologically active substances – antioxidants help a person to overcome a whole range of illnesses, which are often caused by stress, pollution and radiation. It has long been observed that in the house of a material Siberian larch, people forget about headaches, nervousness, and other uncomfortable conditions caused by dysfunction of the blood vessels. Natural volatile evaporate from the structure of the Siberian larch over the life of exploitation and beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. Kill viruses and bacteria, and enhance immunity. In some cases, it noted the normalizing effect on blood pressure. It is believed, that microcirculation improves and bleeding in the tissues of the body is absorbed faster normalized overall metabolism. Improve vision. In folk medicine is actively used young shoots, bark and resin larch. Needles contains high amount of ascorbic acid and essential oils (bornaol, a-pinene, bornylacetate). Larch bark is rich in tannins, glycosides coniferin. It also contains flavonoids, gum, anthocyanins glucoside coniferin, catechins, and a variety of organic acids. From “zhivitelnitsy” get turpentine, essential oils, which are almost 100% composed of abietic acid. Because of it, decoctions and infusions from different parts of the structure of larch treats bronchitis, scurvy, kidney stones, enlarged prostate in men and chronic prostatitis. Greasy acid (palmitic, linoleivaya, oleic, linolenic), minerals and vitamins, with an excess of resin present in the larch extremely prophylactically effective against cancer. Using extracts as an external agent: rheumatism, gout, cramps, varicose veins, neuralgia, as an antimicrobial agent, abscesses, septic wounds, hernia.

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