Siberian larch, is that the nature gives us with gratitude for health and longevity.

Siberian larch, is that the nature gives us with gratitude for health and longevity.

Accepting a gift of natural health, we create new life! Do you want to know how?

For a long time the disappearance of forests has attracted the attention of scientists. Currently in Russia this process is strictly regulated. All forests were divided into three groups:

Forest forbidden to felling. Category of forest, which is of great importance to ecological balance in the world. Usually such a category of forest is selected to the national parks, protected reserves and sanctuaries. The function of the forests – soil, water and security. Felling of such forests is strictly punishable by law of the Russian Federation.

Forests Limited exploitation. These forests are located in densely populated areas of the country. They perform important functions of the ecological balance. In these forests can be partially rejuvenating and sanitary felling.

Exploatation forests, planted specifically for timber. They cut down completely, and then planted again.

How to grow the trees in forest nurseries.

In the wild any plant lives its whole life, where the parent seed has fallen and has grown. And it is clear that not every seed manages to grow in the hard natural conditions. And even, if the germ of life hatch is not a fact that he will survive until next year, and will continue its successful growth. Many of them die from the disease, frost and drought. As a result, from several thousand seed grow up to only a few. And probably only one.

So in special nurseries  seeds are grown for first several years. Which has got stronger, planted in a place where it is transformed into a beautiful tree will live and have its whole life.

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