Welcome to our site. Our company Siberian Larch s.r.o. specializes in importing timber exclusively of Siberian larch. We represent the products of woodworking enterprises of Siberia, Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk territory from the geographical area of growth of the Siberian larch. These edges are well known to us and we import a wide range, the whole spectrum of timber of the Siberian larch:

  1. Block House, Siberian larch for outer sheathing of houses.
  2. Imitation of balks, Siberian larch, inner or outer sheathing of houses.
  3. Decking board for floor, Siberian larch.
  4. Timber, Siberian larch.


Our Features



The guarantee of quality. 

In view of that we work exclusively with the producers of one region:

Siberia, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, RUSSIA.

So you will not find in our range the timber of larch, growing in other regions, which is significantly lower quality, and is equivalent to timber from pine, spruce, and so on.



Low price guarantee.

Working directly with leshozes and sawmill which are often found in the woods, we exclude additional costs for transportation. We sell timber Siberian larch inexpensive. The price of the products significantly increases because of transportation from another continent. After all beyond the Ural Mountains begins Asia. And it is from Europe almost 7,000 km.



We accept individual applications and conclude agreements on the planned long-term cooperation. Flexible working hours and all possible forms of payment. Payment we can accept by credit cards, bank transfer, cash, credit, prepayment, payment by installments. We provide space to storing timber purchased from us. The first week is free!



Block House, Siberian larch for outer sheathing of houses

Block House of Siberian larch is an excellent solution for facing the house. Perfect aesthetic exterior will be matched by the excellent quality and durability of wood. Is interesting that block house of Siberian larch is able to maintain the walls of your home impenetrable to the cold winter and to keep the freshness in the hot days of summer.

Decking board for floor, Siberian larch.

Floorboards from Siberian larch is highly durable, not deform over time, do not crack and do not require the use of chemicals for processing, so the material is very ecological. Almost always, the floor in rooms with high humidity (bath, sauna, outdoor terrace, outdoor decking) is made of Siberian larch.

Siberian larch


Block House, Siberian larch for inside sheathing of houses

Block House of Siberian larch is an excellent solution for facing the house. Perfect aesthetic exterior will be matched by the excellent quality and durability of wood. Is interesting that block house of Siberian larch is able to maintain the walls of your home impenetrable to the cold winter and to keep the freshness in the hot days of summer

Decking board of Siberian larch

Decking of Siberian larch is the best solution for the home. Any other kind of timber under the influence of environmental conditions (sun, wind, rain) begins to deteriorate, but the Siberian larch doesn’t lose its view. It Siberian larch is ideal for use in difficult climatic conditions. It`s perfect material more

Siberian larch


Imitation of balks inner or outer sheathing of houses.

Siberian larch is an ideal material for flooring, doors and windows, as it is not deformed, not covered with cracks over time and it is very durable. Particular note must be excellent appearance and natural beauty of materials from Siberian larch. The beautiful grain pattern, nice and comfortable wood color respectable successfully more 

Boards and Timber from Siberian

Any products from Siberian larch material is not susceptible to mechanical damage. The solid surface is difficult to scratch, it is difficult to cut or any other way to spoil. It shows a high hardness of the wood material. Lumber of Siberian larch – a leader in reliability price / quality ratio.

Siberian larch – is the choice of experts!

Siberian larch


Siberian larch (lat. Lárix sibírica), coniferous breeds of trees, kind of Larch. In the center of tree species is the white core. The sapwood is narrow. Yearling rings clearly expressed. Resin ducts are hardly visible. The tree structure has a high density and a high specific weight, does not rot, it is very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Is recommended for use as a building material in the harsh climatic conditions in the waterworks, construction of bridges, braces underground mining mines. Is characterized by high adaptation to the adverse and aggressive environments so often used in urban landscaping. more…

Siberian larch is highly resinous, so it does not pass into the water and almost does not rot. Another advantage of the timber made of Siberian larch is that in contrast to the pine or spruce, it does not afraid of insects. This is due to the special composition of bactericidal resin. Mansi, Evenki, Khanty and other peoples of Siberia, use Siberian larch resin for the treatment of many diseases. And that means using in the decoration of his house lumber from Siberian larch you get a natural health and healing properties of the Siberian larch. Peoples Muncie describes Siberian larch as the oldest and eternally young, long living organism. more…

Hard climatic conditions in Siberia, extreme temperatures harden the structure of the Siberian larch. That’s why Siberian larch timber durable as steel.At all times, mankind has used the natural properties of larch for their own purposes. The hardness and moisture resistance of the material has been used successfully in the construction of one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Venice. 400 000 piles were a reliable support for the ancient buildings of the city nearly 1,400 years. Testing conducted in the 19th century showed that the tree under long-term exposure to sea water turned to stone. more…

Siberian larch, is that the nature gives us with gratitude for health and longevity. Accepting a gift of natural health, we create new life! Do you want to know how? For a long time the disappearance of forests has attracted the attention of scientists. Currently in Russia this process is strictly regulated. All forests were divided into three groups: Forest forbidden to felling. Category of forest, which is of great importance to ecological balance in the world. Usually such a category of forest is selected to the national parks, protected reserves and sanctuaries. The function of the forests – soil, water and security. Felling of such forests is strictly punishable by law of the Russian Federation. more…


Siberian larch

Larch grows in many parts of the continent (Ukraine, Karelia, the European part of Russia), but the properties described above has only timber Siberian larch. For a more precise study of the area of ​​origin lumber from Siberian larch, there is a special assessment.We would like to note that with exactly the same name, “Larch” properties of wood depends precisely on the area of ​​growth. All of the properties belong only to the Siberian larch (Lárix sibírica). more

METER, tree height

CM, stem diametr


own house

Personal house is the most important thing that people can build for them self. That’s why, we carefully select materials for its construction. And if you’re looking for something special, reliable and environmentally friendly – a real timber of Siberian larch is exactly what you need! Aesthetically attractive appearance, durability, water resistance and a healthy effect on the human body you purchase for long years!  more…


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Siberian larch

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